American’s Next Top Writer!

I’m getting really excited because the new season of, “The Voice,” kicks off tonight!  



                                                 (Image from Google Images)

Every time I watch that show I get to thinking about what it would be like it they had a reality show about writing?  It might not be as exciting to witness as, “The Voice,” but I’m thinking what would it be like to go into a room with four authors or publishers sitting with their backs to you and you had to read to them from your manuscript.  Then, when the lights are down low, and the world is watching, you are standing on the stage, reading, one of them presses their button and their chair turns!  Yay!  Now, you get to work with them on your manuscript and they mentor you on your next step in your writing career.  How fun, right?

I really think this kind of practice could be applied to any art – musicians, watercolors, scrapbooking….anything.  My husband plays guitar.  I’m thinking the same situation for him, but the chairs hold people like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Roy Buchanan.  

What kind of artistic talent do you have?  Would you try out if they had a show for your talent?


Daughter’s daydreams

Getting my three year old daughter ready for bed at night can be either one of two extremes, and the other night, she was as cute as can be.  We were all cuddled up on her bed when she started to tell me, “Once upon a time, in a land far away…”  My baby was telling me a story!  I couldn’t quite believe it when she went on for almost five minutes about her own little story and I swear it brought tears to my eyes.  It was just so wonderful to hear her use her imagination like that, I was very proud.

Later that night, I tried to remember back to my first story, and you know, I couldn’t quite remember.   I mean, I can remember some favorite books from when I was kid, but not really when I first started writing. (This was my favorite book when I was little girl.)  It was interesting to think back and remember what held my attention when I first started to read and appreciate books.

My favorite thing


I have been wanting to tell stories for the longest time, and I do remember that one of the first written works that I ever created was a poem, when I was around ten or twelve.  (At least, from what I can remember.)  My dad used to buy my sister and I one new book every week from which sprouted my love of literature.  It wasn’t too long afterwards that I was writing stories down in little journals and daydreaming all the time.

Do you remember your first story?  What was your very first favorite?  Do you remember why?

First Coffee Break…

A little over six years ago, my husband and I were living in Italy when I had my first cup of espresso. 


I didn’t order it, I ordered a coffee but in Italy their caffé is actually a cup of espresso.  When the waiter brought me my tiny cup as opposed to a regular coffee I made the decision to go ahead and take a chance.  It was horribly strong!  My husband laughed at me because I had started coughing and I think even the waiter smiled.  It took a long while of me trying, but eventually I really enjoyed having a nice espresso in the afternoons to give me that extra jolt you need at the end of the day.  Now, when I brew my own espresso, I get that chance to slow down and talk with my friends and family about everything and anything we can think of.  That’s kind of what I’m going for here with this blog.  

You should know that I am a mother, a veteran, and a writer.  I have an amazing husband and two wonderful dogs!  I’m hoping that you will join me here from time to time for a coffee *smile,* and we can get to know each other!