Twinkly Lights in the Twilight Zone


Take a quick walk with me on the wild side here.  It’s fun…trust me.  Just close your eyes and join me on the path of awesome and crazy. I think everyone has a little bit of that interesting something that makes them different from everyone else.  It was at dinner tonight with some friends that I realized that there is a bit more to me than maybe normal. *smile*

I’ll just admit it here – I like cards that have music.  You know which ones I’m talking about?  You go down the card isle in Hallmark or somewhere like that and I head directly for the cards that play ‘Bad to the Bone’ or the theme song from Star Wars.  I think that they are one of the best inventions in recent history.  I can spend quite a few minutes hanging out here, opening each of the cards and seeing what they sing or do.  

Have you ever gotten one of those cards?  So much cooler than the white card with balloons on it when you get a card that rocks out some Hendrix – right?


Okay, okay…I’ll admit that maybe this isn’t all that unusual.  It’s a fact that I see quite a few people in this section of the store when I’m there.  I’ll give you one more.  

Just recently my dad got my daughter hooked on Cocoa Puffs.  What’s not to like, right?  But honestly, I haven’t had this cereal in years, but now we are always looking for it every Sunday because my daughter can make Mickey Mouse with the chocolate puffs.  So, we finished this box of chocolaty goodness and hubby reaches in for the toy surprise and it’s…..a Boba Fett pen!!!  Oh my….!!!  

I think you can guess what happened next.  That’s right, the two adults in the house are now fighting over the toy surprise in the cereal while my daughter goes off to watch cartoons.  As a matter of fact, after my husband cruelly holds it above my head, he runs off to hide it somewhere in the house and won’t even let me try it out. *sad face*

So you better believe, that when next grocery day comes around, I made sure to buy the Cocoa Puffs cereal box that came with another Star Wars pen in it and hubby ever so graciously reaches in the box and hands me the same pin.  (I need to insert here that we discovered that the pen was actually Jengo Fett – seriously not as cool.)  


So now everyone’s happy, except for the fact that we have learned that there are six other pens in the whole collection so you can guess which cereal we will be purchasing for the next little while.

*party lights flash*

So now we are back in the land of maturity reality, and….yay. 🙂  Tell me, I can’t be alone in this right?  


Snow Days

Winter in Texas, especially north central Texas, can be a little intimidating.  I thought it was really interesting to see when my family first moved here from Northern Japan, how intense it can be when there is an expectation of snow or sleet.  There is a mad panic here that I hadn’t seen before and honestly never considered when you come from a place where the average snow fall on a given day is around six inches.

So, despite the fact that we weren’t expecting a lot, it can be considered that for this area of the world (and for a town that just recently had temperatures in the 80s), there was obviously some cause for concern.  I don’t know that many even actually have much experience driving in these conditions either.


So, Thursday I arrived home a little earlier than usual with my daughter because we didn’t want to get caught in the weather and sure enough, the roads froze over like one giant sheet of ice.  I could see the postman outside my house, driving slowly by, and I offered a quick prayer of thanks for people that would brave our weather to deliver our mail.

My family continued to “burrow” (*smiles*) the next day, staying inside and watching movies and relaxing.  It was a first for a new holiday tradition for my family, where we had our daughter leave a shoe outside the night before for St. Nicholas. (to see more about this tradition, check out this site:


So, all in all, we are enjoying the winter weather here, and considering what all we can do to pass the time. 🙂  How about you?  How’s the weather were you are in the world?