Sweet Surprises

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this title? Are you thinking about the last time you got flowers at work? Are you thinking about the notes your mom sent in your lunch when you were a kid? Or perhpas you are remembering a moment when you were happily shocked by a stranger letting you go first in line at the grocery?

This world is a crazy place. I’ve almost given up reading the news in the morning. (The morning routine used to be get up, have coffee – most important -, turn on the news.) Sometimes while sipping my life-saving java I would scroll through my news app on my cell phone and I could feel my mood (which is already not super since I’m not a morning person) plummet after a few minutes. How in the world are you ever supposed to go from reading this (see below) to having a positive and happy attitude with the rest of your day?

Screen shot of USA Today news http://www.usatoday.com/

Screen shot of USA Today news

So, I’ve started to swap from reading the news to checking Facebook or just catching up with my reading, and I think that I’m a happier person for it. I almost with there was a site that you could go to that would only list happy news – maybe stories about a volunteer in your community, a funny clip about the neighbor’s dog, or even a goofy riddle that makes you laugh out loud.

Look, my Reece's is smiling at me - right before I ate him!

Look, my Reece’s is smiling at me – right before I ate him!

In fact, this thought has led to an idea for a new book that I’m considering. It would be nonfiction, so something a little different than what I have been writing lately, but the idea has been circling; enough so that I’ve had little else to think about creatively.

What about you? What’s your morning routine? Would you like to see something in the news that wasn’t so sad? Have you had any sweet surprises in your life lately that you wouldn’t mind sharing?


I Know It’s Not Monday

ImageTGIF!!!  I don’t know about you, but this entire week has been off for me.  On Tuesday it felt like Monday.  On Thursday I thought it was already Friday….but Friday is finally here.  Whoot! 

It’s been a really good week in my family.  We’ve had some great news, little things, all week.  Not the norm at all, but I’m telling you I’m grateful, really.  Lasty year was not super great, so I’m excited about all the little things this year.

I don’t know about you, but Monday morning’s are really tough for me.  Having the alarm go off, you roll over and look and see that it’s already the next work week.  Getting motivated to get out of your nice, warm, bed can be difficult.  Enter the movie, “High Fidelity.”  Have you all seen this movie?  The part that I’m talking about (although the whole movie is really awesome) is when Jack Black comes into the record store with his “Monday morning tape.”  (Yes, cassette tape.)  Do remember the first song that he played?


Watching this moive a few weeks ago sparked a debate between my husband and myself about what the ultimate Monday-morning-movitating song would be?  I mean, let’s give this some serious thought. (Meanwhile, someone is either smirking at me at this point or banging their head on their desk.)

So, there we are, sitting on our couch, debating music and what would be the best song to get you going on a Monday.  My husband’s input was, “Holding Out For A Hero,” by Bonnie Tyler.  I have to admit, that’s a pretty good song.  I defy anyone to listen to this song and at least not have a small smile on your face.

I couldn’t think of anything to beat this at first.  I mean, I have a lot of favorite songs, but nothing that would be the ultimate in this category, I think.  Until this morning!

I was getting ready for my Friday, listening to the radio, when my vote for the Monday-morning song came on…..”Eye of the Tiger.”  Yeah!  I mean, who doesn’t get pumped listening to this song?

So now I ask, what do you think?  Do you have a song that helps you get going in the morning?  I would LOVE to hear from you!